Methodology : A Strategic Approach

It is our well-planned and systematic approach that helps us in satisfying our existing base of clients and for adding new ones. It is the strategic plan that we follow, via project definition, planning, execution and double checking which help us in prompt and accurate delivery of our projects. When a respective client approaches us with his specific structural designing needs, format conversion needs and the like, our group of experts engages in a detailed discussion to find out:

The scope and limitation of the projects
Check out the availability of the resources and the trained staffs to complete the project on time
Identification of the risk factors
Enhancing the scope of the architectural designing projects via the use of the updated technology

It is one of the most and chief phases where the brainstorming session is carried out with the clients and the team of engineers and architects so that the project requirements can be figured out well. In the planning stage, the inputs are collected whether it is for architectural designing or for format conversion. We receive your input files that you sent in your choicest format and then we forward you the estimated time of delivery of the project and offer you the cost estimate. On acceptance of our delivery schedule and our quotes, the process of developing the designs is initiated.:

You need to offer a detailed document and the specifications so that offering of the quotes on our part, become an easier process. If you bring in alterations during the on-going process of designing after the cost is being fixed, the need to re-quote the project pops up. Our team of engineers and architects work in coordination makes a good use of software and other technical accomplishments to deliver the projects of the clients on time and with accuracy. It is our planned and calculated approach, which help us to better ourselves every time we work on the architectural design or format conversion projects!

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