2D Drafting and Detailing Services

Creating technical drawings of architectures can take time and cost a lot of finances, which is why 2D Drafting is certainly considered one of the niche projects of 3D architectural designs. However, we at CAD Conversion Services India have been able to take 2D Drafting and detailing services to an entirely different level by adopting industry standard software's that allow us to keep costs low without compromising service quality, while we also take the onus to outsource structural 2D drafting and detailing services. 2D drafting or drawing basically helps you re-create annotate designs or technical drawings that can easily be used for the development of 3D architectures such as building permit drawings, floor plans, building examination plans and can be even used for hard landscaping layouts.

2D Drafting Software's:

In order to enhance work flow and maintain projects timelines, we at CAD Conversion Services India look to take aid of industry standard 2D drafting and detailing software's such as:

Raster Design
Map 3D
Auto Sketch
Revit Building 8.0
ADT 2009
AutoCAD 2012

Working Styles:

Thanks to our highly trained team of 2D drafting specialist, we have been able to come up with accurate sketches without general structural layout problems that are typically associated with highly detailed 2D layouts. To achieve results, our team of experts primarily look to create foundation plans with column schedules and footing. Secondly, Pile foundation, Raft and Shallow foundation drawings are created followed closely by RCC/Steel beam framing, Trusses, Joist and Decking. We also utilize the prowess of a separate 2D detailing team to add the finishing touches to the project by performing detailed connection on drawings. To maintain consistency, sketch concepts are continually refined before being incorporated into the final matter. Also, our design team makes the effort of adding customized templates to achieve comprehensive precision.

Output Formats:

We at CAD Conversion Services India perfectly understands the need to expand 2D drafts to diverse fields and levels, which is primarily the reason why we look to offer our customers a wide field of choices through varied output format support. Our list of output formats include:

AutoCAD files (dxf,dwf and dwg)
Revit files (.rvt)
PDF files
ADT files (dwg)

Input Formats:

While working on numerous international structural projects, we did encounter a common problem of having only a few input formats to deal with. However, with the introduction of 5 new 2D drafting software's our input formats too have quadrupled in their number thus negating the problem of work flow. We deal with the following input formats on a daily basis.

AutoCAD files (dxf,dwf and dwg)
Scanned images
Revit files (.rvt)
Hand drawn sketches
PDF files
ADT files (dwg)


Although we are currently looking to expand to even more fields, but our primary customer segments include the following:

CADD services
Consultant engineers
Building Service Contractors

In case you are interested to know more about our 2D and 3D architectural services or need to outsource structural 2D drafting and detailing services, feel free to contact us through our dedicated webpage or provided help lines.

Contact Us or Email:  info@cadconversionservicesindia.com to know more about structural 2D drafting detailing services and drawings.